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jonas brothers graphic community

layout version 3.0: AMA rehearsal

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to jb_graphics, a graphic community for the Jonas Brothers. Here you can post icons, wallpapers, headers - pretty much anything you can think of.


001 You may only post graphics related to the Jonas Brothers. Anything that is not related to them will be deleted. Multifandom posts are okay.

002 Be polite and respectful to everyone. If any member of the community is bothering you, let ohmyjonas or own_world know.

003 If you're posting more than three icons, please put them under an lj cut.

004 Tags are your best friend. Love them, use them.

005 Credit the maker unless otherwise stated. I know some people aren't big on the credit thing - but if they ask, please do.

006 If you have a JB-related community it's okay to advertise it, but please don't go overboard. One post a week is enough.

That's about it for the rules, for now. Join and have fun!


If you'd like to be an affiliate, comment ohmyjonas.


layout: appleleaf

header: ohmyjonas (picture from jonashq.org)

profile layout: refuted